art0 tutorial

Some things take a lot of time: the pyramids, the San Lorezo del Escorial Monastery,... and the art0's full manual.

We are still working on it, but we hope that it will be soon ended. The problem is, as always, that working alone takes a lot of time. And, as a well known ecuation shows:

documenting = exhausting

specially if we want it to be a good documentation. But someone has to do the job.


OK, the manual will still take more time, so, just a few hints, in case you didn't guess how art0 works:

1. Create as many beings as you want. To do that you only need going to the "beings" tab, select the type of being you want to create, name it and then click the "add being" button. Edit its properties and click the "OK" button.

2. You need to create an artistical-environment being in order to make the arto simulation work. Once created such a being, go to the "minds" tab and select the artistical-environment mind. Chat with that mind, make it absorb an ASCII text, via a file or an URL, and you will get an artisitical-environment ready to produce inspirations.

3. Go to the "world" tab and name a new world. Once named, click the "add world" button. You will be taken to the "edit world screen", where you should add as many beings as you want. Give feedback about the icons, if you want. Once ended, you just need to select the world create and click the "activate world" button, so the simulation begins.

4. That's all. In the 0.9.3 release you'll be able to add beings one by one, autonomously or adding them to the world just started. But that will be in a couple of days, not now.