The future, what will it bring us? (ideas)

Almost everyone usually worries about what will happen in the future, it's true. However, for most programmers this worry becomes a rule of life. ¿Will I have to modify my program tomorrow? ¿Will it work with the new X release? ¿What feature could I add to it? ¿Do I like the way it works, and what if I want to change it? So, we type and walk, worried about what had not taken place, about work we should do, we would like to do.

¿Alternatives? They don't seem to exist. I breath absorbed about what I do, as everybody, and this first worrying is only substituted by others. If you're doing something you like, you will spend time on it, even more than that you should or you liked to, and never will think you spent that time in vain.

Having everything tied up is really difficult, everything wobbles ("Todo se tambalea", as in the La Buena Vida's song) and cannot be controlled. All the imprecisions fruit of my indecision ("Todas las imprecisiones fruto de mi indecisión"). That way, when things are not defined from the beginning, sometimes we freeze, afraid of what could happen, the unexpected later work. I plead for the imprecision, the indecision, the unending process, dynamic evolution. It doesn't make much sense to write this here, and I'm not going to worry about writing it or not, one of the advantages of the new media is the volatility of the products, I could change this web page tomorrow, and all I had been doing today would not seem to have any repercussion at all. And it's not like that, I don't write because of that that will stand, I write because I write, because words are there and they come out, and I think that's fine.

I program for myself, because of the sensation of being programming, no because the program itself, although the program is used to program it. The product's only use it to be produced. (I would like to write my ideas about art and this kind of apparently unproductive an useless activities, but I'm afraid this is not the proper place). In other words, activity itself is enough motivation.

Sonsoles asks (you don't know who's she, and she could be anyone) ironic: "Are you earning money with this? So, why are you doing it?". Because of the satisfaction it brings me, because I have not seen anything like this made by anyone. And if I have seen it I just don't remember. And if I remembered, I would had not still done it. I guess that that's why we do things, because we have not done them before. I don't really believe that society's progress is a motive, I do just what I want to, and if it has something to do with others being able to study the way I have done it, to use it to do other things, I think it's just right. I would like others to do the same, be ready to share what they know, not because of the world, but because of me, because I want to know it too.